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Introducing STROBOT III

Strobot III is finally complete, a MAJOR rewrite of Strobot. It now uses the Ichimoku cloud to trade on 3 time frames at once.

Existing Strobot Users with life memberships can get the upgrade. If you would like a life membership I’m selling them for $1000 USD which includes support. But I am limiting the number of users to 10  for now. So that I can provide better support.

I am very very pleased with his performance so far.

USDCAD STROBOT Adds to trades

So STROBOT has set up USDCAD and has a trade in currently at 80 pips profit, he has set up another trade at entry 1.23375 for a long.

So he is building trades on existing profits.

Screenshot 2015-05-26 07.18.41

The original entry order set at A and the new entry order at B so as we get the break out of the second area of congestion we are able to build up the trade for the new targets.

111pips profit target in the original trade.


Strobot spotted an interesting flat market with GBPAUD and placed an entry order back at 6:30am this morning, the trade took and has broken quite an important level so is now rallied up, we are 67 pips in profit with a target of 240 pips at the sub fib level (this is essentially a 61.8% fib level sitting between the daily 23.6% and 61.8%), STRobot sometimes uses these levels.

Screenshot 2015-05-20 14.12.30


Annoyingly while I was writing the post we got up to 81 pips

EURNZD Short STrobot trade 100 pips up.

Screenshot 2015-05-19 06.49.29

Starting to day with the hourly chart on one of my live accounts you can see a drop of 100 pips on EURNZD, the FIB LINE 61.8% is our target (just above). STROBOT predicted the fall yesterday in fact and entered the trade @ 21:35 GMT yesterday evening, the pair bounced back up but kept within our stop and has now broken down. Target is a lovely 228 pips.

Here’s the 15 minute chart.

Screenshot 2015-05-19 06.45.49

As you can see it’s a great entry and STROBOT has come out of the turn rather nicely.



Screenshot 2015-05-19 08.54.59

STROBOT just TP’d this trade for 228.10 PIPS Awesome, the pair has now started to bounce back of of the 61.8% fib level.

STRobot New Demo Video

EUR in focus with QE and a new STROBOT Robot Video.

Today we get to here if the ECB will introduce Quantitive easing to stop deflation (negative interest rates). STROBOT sold EURGBP and EURUSD overnight.

If the ECB do go with QE we can expect the market to drop possibly as fast as when the CHF pairs went. We are set up ready in a good entry on the pairs with just a 30 pip stop. But STROBOT will go safe at 30 pips. Small risk, high rewards!.

Screenshot 2015-01-22 07.43.42

I have made a brand new STROBOT Forex trading video you may enjoy!

STRobot and the Swiss Frank

Wow what a 24 hours it has been. Some of us walked away from the Swiss frank with a 1000 pip trade profit. But what a ride!

Others did not fare so well. The worst being the list of brokers who have gone into liquidation. For instance Alpari, who although I’ve never used them I have trusted them for a long time.

Today we took the decision as a group to disable trading of the swiss frank. We have a facility in STRobot for opting out of trading currencies and the Swiss frank is too volatile at present moving 100 pip swings fast!.

We have also decided to increase our stops to 120 pips from 80, having gone through our losing trades from last night ALL of them turned round and came back! So we wasted 80 pips about 3 times that we could have held.

So now it’s a waiting game with around 14 trades on at the moment STRobot has placed, with USD news @ 13:30 we could see some nice pips. Just have to wait, I would like to see the last remaining CHF trades I have on go into profit but at the moment the world is trying to work out just how much the CHF is worth! This morning we stopped out 2 120 pip CHF trades (painful). But saying that for those of us who did pull 1000 pips  yesterday its swings and roundabouts.

EURGBP is doing nicely but holding for the news so let’s see what happens. Due to CHF trades I have a live account with a nasty 80 pip going the other way CHF trade and the demo account is not doing much better. The USG account is fine though.

Still HUGELY up on the week. I’m checking out a couple of traders who did not end up in profit. I do suggest going through your statements just to check everything is right. Some brokers will refund trades closed because of gapping or whipsaws especially if you can prove that other brokers didn’t have the same thing.

Screenshot 2015-01-16 11.54.49

STRobot Demonstration Video including new tablet controls

GBPCHF long surprise this morning.


So I was thinking STROBOT had gone slightly mad when he went long on GBPCHF this morning just before Sunday.

Screenshot 2014-12-01 13.10.21

He took the long just before midnight on that green signal. Lo and behold  he was right even though I was scratching my head a bit as it did look like it was going to continue bearish!!!

The trade is now safe and moving forwards, STROBOT won’t trade again now till after 16:00 GMT because Mondays are trade setup day.

Here’s STROBOT’s currency strength chart which was really the driver for this trade along with Heiken Ashi.

Screenshot 2014-12-01 13.13.08

Sterling as you can see is heading nicely up to our target @ 1.52340 or so.



GBPUSD correction … ready for a short?

Screenshot 2014-11-18 13.17.34

GBPUSD has been correction and strobot set up a short yesterday at about 11pm. We are sitting flat although showing signs of a move bearish, between the two lines the Robot will not trade because it indicates the possibility of a reversal  from both the daily and hourly short term trends.

Although GBP had some good’ish results we really didn’t see a huge Rally into the no trade zone so I would imagine that any time soon it could be continuing below.