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Demo of STROBOT’s multi-trade mode.

STROBOT has a number of different modes, these are all automatic and the artificial intelligence lets him decide which mode to choose.

This is a demonstration of multi trade mode, you can see he has the old trade on from a few days ago and gets a new signal so uses the profit from the old trade to cover the entry for the new, both with the same TP.

Screenshot 2015-10-13 09.02.14

His other modes include hedging mode which happens when he senses a possible change in market direction. He applies this to 40 or so currency pairs at once.

EUR in focus with QE and a new STROBOT Robot Video.

Today we get to here if the ECB will introduce Quantitive easing to stop deflation (negative interest rates). STROBOT sold EURGBP and EURUSD overnight.

If the ECB do go with QE we can expect the market to drop possibly as fast as when the CHF pairs went. We are set up ready in a good entry on the pairs with just a 30 pip stop. But STROBOT will go safe at 30 pips. Small risk, high rewards!.

Screenshot 2015-01-22 07.43.42

I have made a brand new STROBOT Forex trading video you may enjoy!

STRobot makes a Miracle Discovery in the Forex.

Well STRobot has been out a while, he’s been getting better and better but over Christmas and New Year I was messing around with the chats trying to make one of the indicators clearer and I came across by accident a way of identifying entries that so far has proven simply quite incredible. After some fine tuning with the trading group we are now running a version that currently has the ability to enter and exit forex trades on all the major currencies.

We have turned off our trailing stops and just have go safe at 30 pips, we have removed our take profits because the robot is able to detect when the market turns – why limit our profits to the next target?

Here is an account I “flattened” yesterday, basically by closing down all the trades.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 05.31.45

As you can see the account has 149 pips of profit in open trades and is losing 53 pips, however strobot will close of those trades when he decides the market has changed direction – he is able to identify the difference between pull back and actual market direction change using this algorithm, he can also identify flat markets, choppy markets and will 99% of the time stay out of them.

This development has meant I’m being able to take an account, pop strobot on it and watch him build up profitable longer term trades.

Effectively our stops now are set at 60 pips and only used in emergencies like if there is some surprise news release, STRobot makes trades safe at 30 pips profit anyway which means that we are able to lock in profits. Knowing that he will run the full length of any trend.

Rackspace Screen Capture 20


This chart is STRobot’s chart that demonstrates the software in action, the bottom indicator (with the red and the green) has two levels, an upper and a lower, the upper shows the entries, see how STRobot sells (on the red) after a pullback, he tries to get in on entries so we can go safe as quickly as possible, basically he is able to sense the fighting between the bulls and the bears.

He is consistently running on average around 10 to 20 trades, when the market changes direction he pulls out of the losers at between 11 (yes, can you imagine having an 11 pip stop) and 40 pips. But he can stay in to trades that run for hundreds and hundreds of pips if given the chance to do so!

Happy Trading

Are brokers stopping you out at market close with spread?

I run STRobot my trading robot on 3 different trading accounts. What puzzled me is how he performed better on one account than all the others.

I am currently gathering evidence to why. But here was something very shocking. I added the spread in pips to our STRobot Heiken Ashi cart.

When the markets close (at weekends), I have noticed that some brokers seem to move the price of their currency artificially AND ramp up their spread.

Let me demonstrate with some charts all taken as screen dumps at the same time.

The first one is my broker USGFX, they are in Australia and are highly regulated. You will see their NZDJPY chart sits at a rather respectable 4 pip spread.

Rackspace Screen Capture 17

This is BelforFX look at the last candle! What is it doing down there, and the spread is a horrendous 35.50 pips!!!!

Rackspace Screen Capture 18



Lastly here’s CaesarTrade who are just as bad!

Rackspace Screen Capture 19

My main account now will be USGFX

Click here for a link to USGFX website – incidentally they also offer a DEBIT CARD with which to draw your profits!

2 Account Statements

Account #1 Demo Account

Click Here for Statement

Account #2 Live Account

Click Here for Statement

So far this month.

JPY Surprise the market with QE, STROBOT takes 2 baskets last night and one this morning.

Wow – amazing moves in the market with Japanese Quantitate Easing.

STRobot took 3 baskets at 150 pips each overnight. Our baskets are at $150USD so basically when we reach 150 pips in all the trades we go flat closing both winning and losing trades. This can take 2 days or an hour depending on markets.

This means we lock in risk and reward.

So I’m in the 4th basket now in 24 hours. Amazing.

Video later I think!

(I will confess I wasn’t paying attention with Japanese QE, I was out at some band practice).