By purchasing this software use license you understand the following:-

– The software is for educational purposes only, if you choose to use it to make a trading decision that is your choice and we will not be held liable for your actions

– Trading carries a huge amount of RISK with it

– You are purchasing a single use license for one trading account, this may be changed at any time by an email to paul.clevett@dailyforextrader.me, you are not purchasing the software, simply a license to use it

– The software is provided without warranty as is or otherwise

– Support and Training sessions are at our discretion, we may ban or refuse entry to our support or training sessions

– The contract comes null and void in the event of the discontinuation of this software or the collapse of any company or person having ownership of it. At this time we may issue an unprotected version.

– Any person who attempts to decompile this software, even though it is protect to a very high level, change or otherwise alter the software agrees to pay a 1 million pound sterling amount to Paul Clevett in lue of damages and their and all the people who have their software will have their accounts disabled

– You may upgrade from a monthly to a Lifetime membership at any time, however no monies paid will be deducted from the lifetime price unless at the discretion of Paul Clevett the author.

– You may not distribute signals generated by SignalTrader Trading System without permission. They are for your personal use and education ONLY.

– I do not give Refunds. The system is a proven system, if you are losing money the chances you are doing something wrong and should contact support.

One last word

If you make a lot of money using this software please remember those that are not as wealthy as you. Imagine the difference we could make to the world bringing food to the hungry and clothes to the naked.

Happy Trading.