March, 2015

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Introducing STVolitlity a new indicator I’ve invented. (and a new version of STRobot)

Introducing STVolitlity, One of the biggest problems for any EA is flat markets. You get more false signals thane can deal with – part of the risk of Forex trading actually. Anyway – You can check out the backtests of the latest version 70.5 which aims to deal with flat markets.

During my development of this indicator I noticed that when a market begins to move in power, or changes direction that certain behaviours happen, you can see in the EURCAD the lowest indicator, see how the market crosses the 0 line indicating a new move or trend.

Screenshot 2015-03-16 07.20.42

STRobot looks to trade on these indications of strength coming into the market – ofcourse, you can’t predict the future but you can see that he sees pretty much what’s going on – flat markets are indicated by blank areas in the STRobotRSI indicator, the second one up. So using these two things together we can try and anticipate bullish or bearish moves out of congestion.

There is a lot of news this week so it will be interesting to see what performance we get from STRobot. – click BACKTESTS to see the results of backtests from this version.

STRobot’s AI in action and Trailing Stops.

So STRobot v70.3/4 has been trading really really well. I have some test accounts Live ones that I leave alone and I’ve just put a $50USD one on, STRobot has traded it up to $118 in 24 hours using 0.02 lot size. Click Here to see the results!

So I thought I’d go through 3 trades STRobot has taken and you can see the artificial intelligence working.

1. Breakout

Screenshot 2015-03-12 10.21.03

STRobot detects a fast break in price, he then will place a trade straight away – ideal for news.

Screenshot 2015-03-12 10.21.18

2. The HEDGE – STRobot had a long trade on but the market changed direction so he set up a hedge short to cover the losses of the long – one of these trades will stop out, the other will take profit covering the cost of the first trade, and ofcourse making a small profit.

Screenshot 2015-03-12 10.23.09

2. The Slow move – STROBOT sees a potential break out of a range so places an entry order above the level it needs to break. Then as the market moves up he will let the trade happen. In this case the price has broken the level and we are waiting for the profits!

Trailing Stops

STRobot has a trailing stop system that tries to avoid getting close to soon, every fast move or slow move is followed by a pull back you will lose at trading if you let your stops run and close your profits early. You should calculate your targets and have a big trailing stop to trail up behind it, if you let it stop out in profit at your trailing stop level. STRobot’s trailing stop works more using fib levels and strength, so as the market gets closer to our target so does our trailing stop.

NZD Rallies!

STRobot just took 3 NZD trades at once, one has already stopped out in profit. Looks like NZD did a sudden rally, the latest version of STROBOT (v70.3) can detect a sudden move in a pair and take a trade instantly, normally STRobot places entry order in advance of a break, but if there is a sudden move he is able to get into it very very quickly.


As you can see we are half way to target already, I expect a pull back first then a gradual run up to target.


Last nights boring trade just stopped out in profit.

So I’ll wait to see how these trades play out!

Next trade NZDUSD short

So STRobot has chosen a NZDUSD short. You can see he has set an entry order so when the market moves down after the initial pull back he’ll take the trade to continue the trade bearish.


Our GBPJPY short was brilliant earlier, I had nearly put the first chart up when it TP’d!!!!

So we’ll wait over night and see what happens.


STRobot has taken an interesting short on GBPJPY it looks like a nice bounce off of the 38.2% fib level targeting the 61.8%. We have Carney speaking later do we have a head and shoulders reversal in progress?

I will add there is not only an H&S structure on the 15 M but one on the 1D as well! This could be the end of the last shoulder ready to move down.

I have also marked the Buy/SELL STRobot signals on this chart so you can see what it does. STRobot ofcourse trades automatically using entry orders. So the fake ones tend to be taken out because they never happen.


As you can see STRobot has a number of good entries on this chart – not forgetting he trades 40 currency pairs.




Target reached. Closed @ 62.50 pips profit!

STRobot New Demo Video