January, 2015

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FOMC the Terrible and some good GPB trades.

So STRobot did brilliantly yesterday with some wonderful GBP trades.

GPBJPY and GPBUSD were both bullish trades.

Screenshot 2015-01-28 15.09.03

This new version of STRobot shows the trades on the chart.

Screenshot 2015-01-28 15.09.41

These would have been bigger trades but at the moment we have gone into “FOMC sit and do nothing” mode when the markets just hang around. It’s a dangerous time to trade this brings me to the problem of stops.

This kind of hanging around in the market is really hard to trade – I recommend the following options:-

– Go flat and don’t trade till 2 hours after FOMC
– Drop your lot size down to something small to reflect the risk. If you get a zillion pips with a small lot size great, if you lose 40 pips fine.
– Keep your stops small – STRobot has now gone down to 40 pips.

Now we wait for 7pm when all hell breaks loose. Really the pain starts a day before in fact from last night at about 10pm GMT. It will be over soon thankfully.


EUR in focus with QE and a new STROBOT Robot Video.

Today we get to here if the ECB will introduce Quantitive easing to stop deflation (negative interest rates). STROBOT sold EURGBP and EURUSD overnight.

If the ECB do go with QE we can expect the market to drop possibly as fast as when the CHF pairs went. We are set up ready in a good entry on the pairs with just a 30 pip stop. But STROBOT will go safe at 30 pips. Small risk, high rewards!.

Screenshot 2015-01-22 07.43.42

I have made a brand new STROBOT Forex trading video you may enjoy!


Flat Market Forex Trading.

STROBOT has been holding out of trades apart from scalping today so far – so no big wins YET, all this will change in 20 minutes as he starts setting up. The 4 hour markets are showing flat.

One of my traders had is STRobot Charts laid out like this. Which I’ve kind of adopted, the daily chart on the left with the Strength Meter and the STROBOT chart in the middle with the Hourly Heiken Ashi on the right hand side! Very nice. I’m going to see if it’s possible to get it to set both charts if you click on the currency on the left hand side of the STROBOT chart. In this version STROBOT shows an hour glass when he is busy which is useful.

One customer did ask me if STROBOT would take 40 trades at once.

I’ve never seen him do this, the most in fact I’ve ever seen was around 20, that’s why we keep our lot sizes small, it’s much better to take 20 small trades rather than 5 big ones. STRobot tends to focus on the same currencies for instance today he has been scalping NZDJPY and NZDUSD, which is what he does in flat markets.

Our NZDUSD long on this account has been very very slow but is now breaking through 91.483 and I hope we might seen at least 50 to 100 pips out of it, which would be nice to add to the 15 pips STROBOT has scalped out.

Another potential customer did ask if he could test STRobot on a demo account, I don’t do this because:-

  • Demo accounts are not the same as real live accounts.
  • I provide a lot of support during the night to traders, personal support when I can, plus the user group is full of traders who also discuss and work with us.
  • The software is connected to external servers (which is how we can do the trading in the first place, your MT4 is not capable of trading with this robot on it’s own). I can’t give server space really to people who are not paying for the service.
  • I don’t think it’s fair for people to get for free what others are paying for.

Have a great day I think we’ll be getting some trades in about 9 minutes so you can view the live trades on the STROBOT site. Updated every 5 minutes or so.



STROBOT Forex Robot Video Demonstration.


STRobot and the Swiss Frank

Wow what a 24 hours it has been. Some of us walked away from the Swiss frank with a 1000 pip trade profit. But what a ride!

Others did not fare so well. The worst being the list of brokers who have gone into liquidation. For instance Alpari, who although I’ve never used them I have trusted them for a long time.

Today we took the decision as a group to disable trading of the swiss frank. We have a facility in STRobot for opting out of trading currencies and the Swiss frank is too volatile at present moving 100 pip swings fast!.

We have also decided to increase our stops to 120 pips from 80, having gone through our losing trades from last night ALL of them turned round and came back! So we wasted 80 pips about 3 times that we could have held.

So now it’s a waiting game with around 14 trades on at the moment STRobot has placed, with USD news @ 13:30 we could see some nice pips. Just have to wait, I would like to see the last remaining CHF trades I have on go into profit but at the moment the world is trying to work out just how much the CHF is worth! This morning we stopped out 2 120 pip CHF trades (painful). But saying that for those of us who did pull 1000 pips  yesterday its swings and roundabouts.

EURGBP is doing nicely but holding for the news so let’s see what happens. Due to CHF trades I have a live account with a nasty 80 pip going the other way CHF trade and the demo account is not doing much better. The USG account is fine though.

Still HUGELY up on the week. I’m checking out a couple of traders who did not end up in profit. I do suggest going through your statements just to check everything is right. Some brokers will refund trades closed because of gapping or whipsaws especially if you can prove that other brokers didn’t have the same thing.

Screenshot 2015-01-16 11.54.49



STROBOT bad trading and recovery.

I like to write here when things don’t go so well so you can see that I’m being honest about STRobot, so basically in the last 24 hours we have had some big profits but the markets took them all back, this was pretty much because STRobot closed trades that went against him regardless of if they were in profit or not. So in a flat market you would take a lot of trades, but they would then close with a small loss – sounds good, protection? No, worked really badly, so the policy has been changed now.

  • Only close trades when in profit
  • Close trades when you detect the market going the opposite direction.
  • Close trades when they stop out against the trailing stop (which is calculated based on ATR so you don’t get too close)

This simple plan is proving effective, we don’t take so many trades (sorry broker, less spread) and the trade has a good chance of getting into profit even if STRobot closes it whipsawing back the other way.

I noticed a couple of the brokers pushed the spread up on GBPAUD, STRobot does not enter trades with a higher spread than 7 pips thus we don’t enter trades where we would have to get 10 pips just to break even.

Traders generally (not just robots) like things that move in a good direction.

So Take a look at what he traded last night. This is just one pair, what a nightmare! I have circled TWO nasty whipsaws, STRobot is in a short at the moment on this pair which looks like a good plan! 🙂

STROBOT Screen Capture 2

I have also developed a web page for the traders – STRobot talks to my external servers so we are able to do further analysis of the trades. So I have developed a web portal that provides the traders with a summary of all their open live trades. As you can see from this image we have some nice trades on and that are building up!

The 3 accounts I have are developing nicely.



The traders will later today will be able to close trades on their MT4 from the web! Although STRobot can trade news even whipsaws quite happily.

You can see 3 accounts I’m running here.

Happy STRoboting!




STRobot makes a Miracle Discovery in the Forex.

Well STRobot has been out a while, he’s been getting better and better but over Christmas and New Year I was messing around with the chats trying to make one of the indicators clearer and I came across by accident a way of identifying entries that so far has proven simply quite incredible. After some fine tuning with the trading group we are now running a version that currently has the ability to enter and exit forex trades on all the major currencies.

We have turned off our trailing stops and just have go safe at 30 pips, we have removed our take profits because the robot is able to detect when the market turns – why limit our profits to the next target?

Here is an account I “flattened” yesterday, basically by closing down all the trades.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 05.31.45

As you can see the account has 149 pips of profit in open trades and is losing 53 pips, however strobot will close of those trades when he decides the market has changed direction – he is able to identify the difference between pull back and actual market direction change using this algorithm, he can also identify flat markets, choppy markets and will 99% of the time stay out of them.

This development has meant I’m being able to take an account, pop strobot on it and watch him build up profitable longer term trades.

Effectively our stops now are set at 60 pips and only used in emergencies like if there is some surprise news release, STRobot makes trades safe at 30 pips profit anyway which means that we are able to lock in profits. Knowing that he will run the full length of any trend.

Rackspace Screen Capture 20


This chart is STRobot’s chart that demonstrates the software in action, the bottom indicator (with the red and the green) has two levels, an upper and a lower, the upper shows the entries, see how STRobot sells (on the red) after a pullback, he tries to get in on entries so we can go safe as quickly as possible, basically he is able to sense the fighting between the bulls and the bears.

He is consistently running on average around 10 to 20 trades, when the market changes direction he pulls out of the losers at between 11 (yes, can you imagine having an 11 pip stop) and 40 pips. But he can stay in to trades that run for hundreds and hundreds of pips if given the chance to do so!

Happy Trading


STROBOT new Demonstration

Video Demonstration of the STROBOT Trading Robot


STROBOT Major new version. Check out this chart!

Rackspace Screen Capture 20

This is the STROBOT new version. You will notice the STRobot indicator has been updated and now shows 2 rows.This is the STROBOT Forex WAR protocol.

He works by following the Bulls and the Bears in their struggle to dominate the market.

There is a “No man’s land” this is where the bears and bulls are even. STRobot identifies these areas and wait’s to either close the trade and go in the opposite direction, close the trade and walk away or enter a new trade.

This update is available to all current subscribers please contact me if you need an update.


Are brokers stopping you out at market close with spread?

I run STRobot my trading robot on 3 different trading accounts. What puzzled me is how he performed better on one account than all the others.

I am currently gathering evidence to why. But here was something very shocking. I added the spread in pips to our STRobot Heiken Ashi cart.

When the markets close (at weekends), I have noticed that some brokers seem to move the price of their currency artificially AND ramp up their spread.

Let me demonstrate with some charts all taken as screen dumps at the same time.

The first one is my broker USGFX, they are in Australia and are highly regulated. You will see their NZDJPY chart sits at a rather respectable 4 pip spread.

Rackspace Screen Capture 17

This is BelforFX look at the last candle! What is it doing down there, and the spread is a horrendous 35.50 pips!!!!

Rackspace Screen Capture 18



Lastly here’s CaesarTrade who are just as bad!

Rackspace Screen Capture 19

My main account now will be USGFX

Click here for a link to USGFX website – incidentally they also offer a DEBIT CARD with which to draw your profits!