December, 2014

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STRobot Forex NEWS

STROBOT now has his own news website – the engine behind it will soon be used by him to analyse the markets even further than he does at the moment.



GU short 50 pips profit.

So markets are pretty slow and flat as we expect this time of year. But STRobot did pull in 50 pips from this GBPUSD short.

Screenshot 2014-12-24 08.44.33





















This will probably be our last post before Christmas (you never know!!) so have a great Christmas everyone.

From Paul & STRobot.


Santa goes short on a CADCHF rally and the rest of us wait for an H&S.

Ok there is a POSSIBLE head and shoulders on the CADCHF chart but the markets are so slow and flat it’s unlikely to really gather steam unless someone decides to get the bankers back from their 4 hour Christmas party.

Santa has decided to disappear short down last weeks rally.

Screenshot 2014-12-23 07.42.10



Strobot has had too many mince pies.

Ofcourse it could just be a double bottom and it’s going to go without the pull back, but it’s Christmas so anything can happen!


A Happy Christmas from STRobot


STROBOT and I would like to wish all our readers a very very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous new year! :-)

(STROBOT Even wore a hat to celebrate!)

STRobot will soon not use stops unless in profit… and here’s why

One of the problems with any trend based trading system/robot is that when the market changes direction guess what. You lose trades. That’s because we cannot ACTUALLY see what is going to happen in the future it’s just a best guess based on the near and distant past.

SO I have decided STRobot will no longer wait for trades to stop out, he now looks for the market to signal a direction change on HeikenAshi and then he closes the trades so instead of a minimum 37 pip stop STRobot can get out of losers within 10 pips in a flat market! Thus mathematically we win more trades because he cannot enter a trade on the same pair twice, so if the market changes direction he stays out until it has confirmed long term that’s where he is going. If a pair enters a new trend it won’t be long before STrobot is joining in.

Incidentally sometimes the market changes when we are in profit anyway so we close the trade sooner than if we just let it stop out. When the pair is 30 pips (or the specified amount) in profit this rule does not apply as there is a stop placed just inside the entry.


GBP Looking for a rally???

STROBOT has been quite keen on GBP this morning on two of my accounts ( one of them is strangely selling NZD CAD).

We are at a good place to buy and STRobot bought GBPNZD and GBPAUD looking for a long up.

Screenshot 2014-12-16 07.55.10
Screenshot 2014-12-16 07.55.46


Happy Trading!

Need I say more

STRobot is currently pulling a 300 pip basket. We’re close folks, the safe trades are trades we cannot lose


(The + value is the amount of pips we will get if the market suddenly turns round on all these trades.)

The basket will close @ 300 Pips.

Those mysterious pins.

Ok So STRobot didn’t trade yesterday he was waiting for the right trade setups last night.

So we stopped out on a EURUSD short but TP’d a GBPNZD short leaving a 20 pip profit out of the two trades. Currently he has AUDJPY sell, AUDCHF sell, EURAUD long and EURNZD short on.

(sell=short, buy=long)

Let’s take a look at a couple of these. Something I’ve noticed over the years is that if you get a large PIN on a candle normally the market is telling us it’s thinking about going up there.

Let’s have a look at two trades we are in at the moment.

EURAUD long – see that big pin candle.. If you look back what NORMALLY happens is that at some point the market will fill that candle.

Screenshot 2014-12-12 09.17.04

Here’s the next one.

Screenshot 2014-12-12 09.16.27

This trade is already safe (STRobot has moved the stop inside entry) so we are looking for nice profits, I expect to see a closed 150 pip basket today or even 200 pips.

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So far this month.

EURCAD long for STrobot.

So Strobot has taken a EURCAD long today  you can see he has chosen the bottom side of an upward channel.

Screenshot 2014-12-11 10.44.03

He has been thinking about a LOT of trades but they don’t match up to his high standards!