October, 2014

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JPY Surprise the market with QE, STROBOT takes 2 baskets last night and one this morning.

Wow – amazing moves in the market with Japanese Quantitate Easing.

STRobot took 3 baskets at 150 pips each overnight. Our baskets are at $150USD so basically when we reach 150 pips in all the trades we go flat closing both winning and losing trades. This can take 2 days or an hour depending on markets.

This means we lock in risk and reward.

So I’m in the 4th basket now in 24 hours. Amazing.

Video later I think!


(I will confess I wasn’t paying attention with Japanese QE, I was out at some band practice).

Managing a Robot FOMC example.

Robots need managing. The amount of traders that think they can set it and forget it. The key here is profit taking.

For example, last night was FOMC. FOMC can cause major ructions in the market, it can cause whipsaws as the market responds to the news and speeches from the USA.

A sensible plan before both FOMC and NON FARM PAYROLLS is to go flat. The other thing you can do to automatically profit take if you have your STROBOT set up is to set “close all trades when profit reaches”.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 07.22.04

Depending on your lot size – this will mean that when the basket of trades you have reaches a certain level of profit, the robot will automatically go flat. Locking in the trades. That means closing off all winning and losing trades.



Important Update to STRobot

If you are a STRobot user and not in our Skype Group please contact me using the form on this website as soon as possible for details of an exciting update.

This system now uses

4 Moving Averages
Hecken Ashi
Currency Strength and Weakness
Support and Resistance
…to work out its trades.You can trade manually as well as letting the robot do all the work for you!For more details http://www.strobot.co.uk