STRobot Forex Trading Robot

Introducing the most advanced Forex Trading Robot for MetaTrader 4 using 12 custom indicators.

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STRobot will soon not use stops unless in profit… and here’s why

One of the problems with any trend based trading system/robot is that when the market changes direction guess what. You lose trades. That’s because we cannot ACTUALLY see what is going to happen in the future it’s just a best guess based on the near and distant past. SO IRead More…

GBP Looking for a rally???

STROBOT has been quite keen on GBP this morning on two of my accounts ( one of them is strangely selling NZD CAD). We are at a good place to buy and STRobot bought GBPNZD and GBPAUD looking for a long up.   Happy Trading!

Need I say more

STRobot is currently pulling a 300 pip basket. We’re close folks, the safe trades are trades we cannot lose (The + value is the amount of pips we will get if the market suddenly turns round on all these trades.) The basket will close @ 300 Pips.

Those mysterious pins.

Ok So STRobot didn’t trade yesterday he was waiting for the right trade setups last night. So we stopped out on a EURUSD short but TP’d a GBPNZD short leaving a 20 pip profit out of the two trades. Currently he has AUDJPY sell, AUDCHF sell, EURAUD long and EURNZDRead More…

2 Account Statements

Account #1 Demo Account Click Here for Statement Account #2 Live Account Click Here for Statement So far this month.

EURCAD long for STrobot.

So Strobot has taken a EURCAD long today  you can see he has chosen the bottom side of an upward channel. He has been thinking about a LOT of trades but they don’t match up to his high standards!

3 Interesting Strobot Trades

So here is our first trade, AUDCHF you can see the entry is up in the air! The stop has been dragged well into profit (57pips in fact). So in fact we cannot lose this trade. STRobot automatically moves the stop inside the entry price when it gets to 30Read More…

STRobot Demonstration Video including new tablet controls

STROBOT great for Tablets and Touch Screen operation.

For those of you that use touch screens it can be mildly annoying to hit the keyboard! STROBOT Heiken ashi now has the clickable chart navigation controls the other daily chart has. You can either select a chart just by pressing the SELECT CHART then the two currencies you wantRead More…


Get ready to close off those USD trades unless you are safe (STROBOT moves the entry inside the STOP). We’re expecting positive employment data today from the USA which might explain the happy climb of USDJPY this morning. STRobot put a trade on just before midnight last night (23:49) .Read More…

A trading Robot designed to trade like a trader, thinking about the pros and cons of each trade